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A simple, efficient, and well made software! People are talking about it all around the world. “The GPS… Simply” software is known for it's quality. So, do not hesitate to reconcile with your GPS unit!
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Garmin speaks about us!
2009-12-02 08:58:00
Garmin, one of our collaborators in this amazing adventure of creating GPS learning software, recently praised our products. Yes, Garmin speaks about us. Thanks to the close collaboration between Garmin
Our products in action

The course “The GPS… Simply” is an interactive software that covers all your unit’s functions.

Unique in the world, this software is the vital tool that will teach you step-by-step at your own rhythm the different techniques necessary for optimal use of your GPS unit. The course is divided into four different levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Moreover, the software includes practical exercises that will permit you to put the learned material into action while you are outdoors.

You will learn about waypoints, tracks, and routes, as well as how to use those features. Furthermore, you will discover the fundamentals of your GPS, its many functions, and you will acquire the knowledge of cartography and compasses needed while using your unit.

“The GPS… Simply” is a simple, complete, and easy to use course made for beginners as well as for professionals.

Enter into the world of global positioning with « The GPS... Simply”.

“The GPS… Simply” is the simplest and most complete GPS course software at your fingertips. You will learn about the functions of your GPS unit, and how to efficiently use it.The course on CD makes learning and using your GPS unit easy! The interactive menu allows you to quickly and effortlessly review or have access to a specific chapter according to your needs.This GPS learning software teaches you step-by-step how to use your unit’s features. From basic functions to advanced operations, learn everything you need to learn about your GPS unit so that you may fully take advantage of it: create waypoints, identify fishing sites, and employ GPS tracking.

The step-by-step training software includes:

  • Chartplotter Functions
  • Initializing the receiver & acquiring your position
  • Position & datum’s
  • Storing your position & saving it as a waypoint
  • Navigation principles & terms
  • Using the navigation display & features
  • Forming & navigating to waypoints
  • Forming & following routes
  • Editing waypoints & routes
  • Following previous tracks
  • In addition, after each chapter, there are exercises to put into action what you have learned.

    Convincing, isn't it?

    We are proud of and have faith in our products! Although the demo only covers a single chapter, you will see for yourself that “The GPS… Simply” software is a marvelous tool for learning how to use your GPS unit. There are many reasons why people buy our products; a narration done by professionals, texts written by teaching experts, and realistic animations are some of these.

    A real delight”
    By René Desaulniers
    I recommend this software to everyone. It is a vital tool for learning how to properly handle your GPS, and it is not expensive. Ever since I bought this software, my GPS has become a new toy. Everything is well explained. A pleasant voice guides us step-by-step to understanding all of the GPS’s functions. That is the secret ingredient to this software, “a real delight!”

    Thanks to your work, my GPS and I are inseparable when I go kayaking, etc. I thank the designers for this incredible course.

    I give you 10/10
    René Desaulniers