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GPS Action first saw the day after the major increase of the portable GPS units during the last decade.
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Garmin speaks about us!
2009-12-02 08:58:00
Garmin, one of our collaborators in this amazing adventure of creating GPS learning software, recently praised our products. Yes, Garmin speaks about us. Thanks to the close collaboration between Garmin
About us
Our success story

What started as a simple conversation between outdoor, hunting, and fishing enthusiasts in 2001 has now resulted in the collaboration of hundreds of North American colleagues. From the beginning, our goal at GPS Action has simply been to create a straightforward and efficient course, allowing satellite navigation neophytes to learn how to use their GPS units proficiently. Our courses cover a great number of different GPS units of the most popular brand names.

Clients, employees, investors, and business partners; all participate in the development of our organization. The secret to our success is not really a secret. From the moment our founders focused on the production of our first GPS training software, GPS ACTION surrounded itself with passionate and creative thinkers.

The Power of Good Organization

Here at GPS ACTION, we are very proud of the co-operative environment that comes from our principle of vertical integration. We design, produce, commercialize, and sell our products ourselves. Given the occasion to overhear one of the conversations being held in our production studios, you will more than likely hear product testers, designers, programmers, or writers sharing ideas. At GPS ACTION, the critical point of our quest for success is to continually invest in innovation.

Connected to the World

We manufacture our products for the purpose of satisfying our clients. Hence, there is no need to be under stress during a trip. Start by learning how to use your GPS unit with our efficient training software that will teach you simple navigation by concrete examples, exercises, and concise explanations.

  • Training is entirely interactive; learn at your own pace
  • Each lesson includes exercises to apply what you learn
  • Step-by-step training for easy comprehension
  • Courses also cover a large range of GPS unit accessories
  • Those who use a GPS for the first time quickly realize that despite their small size, GPS units contain a great amount of information and options, thus the importance of an efficient course that will allow you to master and efficiently use your unit.

    Our Philosophy

    We do not simply manufacture and sell our products, we embrace a lifestyle. From the car to the boat, from hiking in the forest to being on the lake, GPS ACTION employees are in the air, on the water, in the forest, or behind a steering wheel. We constantly try to adapt and improve our software. Here at GPS ACTION, we never know when the next good idea will arise, but one thing is sure, it is only a matter of time.

    What we do
    Bring your knowledge of GPS to a new level with the interactive and simple to understand GPS lesson “The GPS Simply”. In less than 10 hours you will master any aspect of your unit so take out your GPS unit from the drawer and enjoy fully your next outdoor trip, hunt, moutain bike ride, canoing and fishing.
    So impressed
    By Tom Erickson
    I am so impressed with your personnel and the kind of culture that must run through your company. This is the kind of thing I made my life's work as a CEO before I retired. I will tell people about Garmin as the very best choice in GPS products. Merci,